• Online water quality monitoring station in Isfahan

    On February 15th, the Isfahan Regional Water Authority Company inaugurated a cutting-edge water quality monitoring station at Cham Aseman. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, this station provides real-time monitoring of essential water quality parameters in the water resources crucial for the production of drinking water. Situated in the Cham Aseman dam, which is part of the Zayande Rud water catchment, this concrete dam spans approximately 150 meters. Its primary purpose is to ensure a sustainable supply of drinking water to Isfahan city, with additional benefits extending to Yazd City and downstream industries in the region. The Zayandeh Rud river holds significant importance for the arid regions of Central Iran, serving as a vital water source for approximately 4.5 million people. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in supporting various industries, agriculture, and maintaining sensitive ecosystems within the dry interior of Iran. The BABenviro engineering company provided an array of advanced analyzers for the station, including a PO4 analyzer with the capability to measure real-time parameters such as BOD, COD, pH, DO, EC, and turbidity. Additionally, cutting-edge online toximeters contribute to comprehensive water quality monitoring. The station is equipped with an automatic water sampler, enabling ...

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  • Aquaread Multiparameters in Iranian Wetlands

    BABenviro at November 2021 has been granted by CIWP to provide, train and maintain the water quality meters for the wetlands of three provinces in Iran. The Wetlands which needed to be equipped with water quality probes are located in West Azarbaijan, Fars, and Khuzestan provinces. BABenviro has successfully done different projects with the Department of Environment and CIWP. Projects for Algae monitoring of the ROPME algae measurement in the Persian Gulf and online monitoring stations of the wetlands like Solduz, Kani Brazan, Choghakhor wetlands, and Lake Urmia. In these projects in the first step, essential water quality parameters were considered. Parameters like water temperature, dissolved oxygen, and salinity were included in all stations. The time series of these parameters in different levels of lakes as a water body helped to establish a better understanding of the water quality changes in these waterbodies. But the most important parameter in these arid years was the water balance of the wetlands. The amount of water that comes into the lake and the amount of outgoing water plays a big role in the life cycle of the wetlands in Iran. This all was the subject of many meetings of BABenviro engineers and ...

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  • Seminar and workshop at Tehran university, Hydrobios products presentation

    BAB has organized a workshop at Tehran university to showcase Hydrobios's products. The workshop will be held on Septembre 14, 2015. Two of Hydrobios' representative will be present at this workshop.

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  • Visit us on the National Waste Water Quality Control in Kermanshah

    BAB will participate in the National Waste Water Quality Control in the city of Kermanshah. The exhibition will be held from 13 til 15 of October 2015. BAB will showcase all of its products samples in this exhibition.

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  • Visit us at 11th International Water and Wastewater Exhibition

    BAB will participate in the 11th International Water and Wastewater Exhibition of Iran which focuses exclusively on the Water industry. The exhibition will be held from 26 to 29 September 2015 in Tehran International Ground Fair. You can visit us in hall number 614 both number 44-2.

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