About us


Babenviro was founded in 2007 in Tehran, Iran. It is an environmental engineering company which designs and implements stations that monitor and measure pollutants in water and waste water.

BABenviro employs experienced environmental engineers. It has an impressive resume with many governmental agencies such as: IWPCO (Aab Niroo), Tehran Regional Water, Kashan Waste Water, PGOSERI, and many private companies such as: Mahab Ghods, Iran Radiator, Neopan Foomanat, etc.

BABenviro achieves this through the know-how of its specialists, by identifying and anticipating the clients’ requirements and needs. Our turn-key solutions encompass design, implementation, maintenance and training and data processing.


Babak Sherkati: With his vast experience in the water quality monitoring, Babak brings a wealth of knowledge to BAB. In the past life, he worked with many well-known manufacturers and producers of environmental monitoring instrument such as Aanderaa and consultants companies such as DHI. Babak received his Bachelor degree from Tabriz University in 2000 and his Masters in Environmental Engineering from Elm O Sana’at University (Iranian University of Science and Technology) in 2002.

Mohsen Badr Ghasemi: Mohsen worked for one of the most important environmental engineering companies  for 6 years before he joined BAB. Mohsen is the managing director of BAB. He received his Bachelor degree from Amir Kabeer University (Tehran Polytecnic University) in 2000 and his Masters in Environmental Engineering from Elm O Sana’at University (Iranian University of Science and Technology) in 2002.

Ahmad Tajrobehkar: Ahmad’s managerial experience is an asset to BAB. He joined BAB as a project director. He is also in charge of BAB’s relations with the partners. He graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2001. He also attended Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal for Masters in structural engineering.


We are proactive in finding solutions for our customers that achieve their goals and we are committed in protecting the environment and nature around us.