Aquaread Multiparameters in Iranian Wetlands

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BABenviro at November 2021 has been granted by CIWP to provide, train and maintain the water quality meters for the wetlands of three provinces in Iran. The Wetlands which needed to be equipped with water quality probes are located in West Azarbaijan, Fars, and Khuzestan provinces.

BABenviro has successfully done different projects with the Department of Environment and CIWP. Projects for Algae monitoring of the ROPME algae measurement in the Persian Gulf and online monitoring stations of the wetlands like Solduz, Kani Brazan, Choghakhor wetlands, and Lake Urmia.

In these projects in the first step, essential water quality parameters were considered. Parameters like water temperature, dissolved oxygen, and salinity were included in all stations. The time series of these parameters in different levels of lakes as a water body helped to establish a better understanding of the water quality changes in these waterbodies. But the most important parameter in these arid years was the water balance of the wetlands. The amount of water that comes into the lake and the amount of outgoing water plays a big role in the life cycle of the wetlands in Iran.

This all was the subject of many meetings of BABenviro engineers and the CIWP team. The whole target of the project based on CIWP supervision was to try to consider the local competence in any step. Therefore instead of using very high-tech flow measurement systems, it has been decided to involve the NGOs and try to run the simple stage-discharge stations for measuring the incoming and outgoing water of each wetland. This worked fine and ended up gathering good information about the water volume in each wetland by NGOs.

The online data from stations with the integration of the offline data has been gathered on a webpage for CIWPas below:

 پایش آنلاین تالاب چغاخور  پایش لحظه ای تالاب کانی برازان

Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project

CIWP is a joint initiative between GEF, UNDP and the Iranian government (led by the Department of Environment), which was initiated in 2005. CIWP aim is to systematically remove or substantially mitigate the threats to sustain Iran’s wetland ecosystems. CIWP has started the implantation of the activities in three important wetlands of the country as demonstration sites and is making an effort to disseminate the achieved experiences to the other country’s wetlands by presenting a managerial system and providing legal tools for implementation of the system.

‫Wetlands Project

پروژه حفاظت تالابها


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