Zanjan Workshop: Water Quality Monitoring Solutions in Dam Reservoirs

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On Monday 30th September 2013, Zanjan Regional Water Authority invited BABenviro to present a workshop on different methods of monitoring of water quality at dam reservoirs. The workshop was conducted at one of Reservoirs of Zanjan Province called Taham, located northwest of City of Zanjan.

In this workshop we first discussed different subjects such as thermal stratification, thermocline, hypolimnion layer problem, and calculation eutrophication. Furthermore, we discussed the effects of climate change as well as the increase of nutrient level due to upstream water inflow.

Algae bloom was another topic that we talked about in details.

Participants learned about methods of measuring chlorophyll and also about its different classes such as cyanobacteria. The participants had the chance to work with Algaetorch, one of the most recognized instruments in the industry to measure chlorophyll-A and cyanobacteria.