On-line analyzers, workshop in city of Rasht, Department of Environment (DOE), Jan 22nd, 2014

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On January 22nd, Department of Environment of province of Gilan hosted a workshop in which more than 100 industries leaders in the province attended. The workshop was to introduce BAB’s products to the local industries in order to familiarize them with latest on-line water monitoring analyzers.

In accordance with the new laws in Iran, all industries are obliged to monitor their waste water effluent before releasing them in to the environment.

The province of Gilan is home to 28 industrial districts with more than 650 plants in use.

BAB presented its line of products for different on-line monitoring instrument. After the presentation there was also a workshop where the representative of the plans could see the instrument from a close-up and make their inquiries.

In order to see the picture of workshop click here