Mashhad’s conference

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On 8th and 9th of October, we took part in a workshop/conference in Mashhad, one of country’s important and populous cities in North East of Iran. We had a 20-minute presentation during which we introduced country’s water authorities to our new line of product: GO-SYS instruments. Furthermore, we talked about on-line water monitoring using BBE’s instrument such as AOA and Fluoroprobe.

We had very good feed-backs from the audience. During the workshop many regional authorities made detailed inquiries about the instruments. Many were impressed by GO-SYS versatility; The fact that one module is able to measure 4 different parameters and that it has instrument in the form of “Wet chemical”, “Extractive-bypass” and “In-situ”.

BBE’s product too had its fan! However, AOA stole the spot light from the others specially in light of the fact that BAB had already installed one in Kashan just 2 months back. AOA’s ability to measure chlorophyll in-situ is a tremendous advantage that attracts many experts. It’s windows’ base, touch-screen operating system makes a very user-friendly device with the capability of transferring data via Ethernet, USB, and Modbus.