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  • SABA-IEEO exhibition, Jan 6th, 2014

    On January 6th, 2013 BAB took part in an exhibition which was organized by SABA-IEEO (Iran Energy Efficiency Organization). There were 7 presenter companies in total, 5 specialized in gas and 2 in water monitoring. Bab had a 30-minute presentation during which we spoke about different methods of monitoring of waste water effluents. The purpose of this exhibition was to facilitate the contact between the Thermal Energy plants with the environmental monitoring companies. Almost all the Thermal plants in the country were present at this exhibition.

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  • 6th International water industry exhibition in the city of Isfahan, Jan 4th to 7th, 2014

    6th international water industry exhibition will take place in the city of Isfahan. The industry's leaders, plants, domestic and foreign producers from across the border will participate in this exhibition. BAB will present its on-line monitoring systems in the exhibitions.

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  • Iran’s thermal power plants exhibition in Tehran, Jan 6th, 2014

    BAB has been invited to take part in an exhibition organized by Saba  (Iran Energy Efficiency Organization). In this exhibition 5 of most prominent stack measurement companies along with two companies active in water monitoring area, one of which is BAB, will exhibit their products and solutions. BAB has been given a 20-minutues time slot during which it will present some of its solutions and technologies in order to monitor the quality of the waste water effluent. Furthermore, there will be a side exhibition for the managers and directors to have a one-to-one contact with us to further understand the function of the products and their advantages. The purpose of this exhibition is to familiarize the decision makers with the on-line monitoring products and solutions for gas and water.

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  • Mashhad’s conference

    On 8th and 9th of October, we took part in a workshop/conference in Mashhad, one of country's important and populous cities in North East of Iran. We had a 20-minute presentation during which we introduced country's water authorities to our new line of product: GO-SYS instruments. Furthermore, we talked about on-line water monitoring using BBE's instrument such as AOA and Fluoroprobe. We had very good feed-backs from the audience. During the workshop many regional authorities made detailed inquiries about the instruments. Many were impressed by GO-SYS versatility; The fact that one module is able to measure 4 different parameters and that it has instrument in the form of "Wet chemical", "Extractive-bypass" and "In-situ". BBE's product too had its fan! However, AOA stole the spot light from the others specially in light of the fact that BAB had already installed one in Kashan just 2 months back. AOA's ability to measure chlorophyll in-situ is a tremendous advantage that attracts many experts. It's windows' base, touch-screen operating system makes a very user-friendly device with the capability of transferring data via Ethernet, USB, and Modbus.  

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  • Zanjan Workshop: Water Quality Monitoring Solutions in Dam Reservoirs

    On Monday 30th September 2013, Zanjan Regional Water Authority invited BABenviro to present a workshop on different methods of monitoring of water quality at dam reservoirs. The workshop was conducted at one of Reservoirs of Zanjan Province called Taham, located northwest of City of Zanjan. In this workshop we first discussed different subjects such as thermal stratification, thermocline, hypolimnion layer problem, and calculation eutrophication. Furthermore, we discussed the effects of climate change as well as the increase of nutrient level due to upstream water inflow. Algae bloom was another topic that we talked about in details. Participants learned about methods of measuring chlorophyll and also about its different classes such as cyanobacteria. The participants had the chance to work with Algaetorch, one of the most recognized instruments in the industry to measure chlorophyll-A and cyanobacteria.  

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  • Seminar On Dam Reservoir Water Quality Monitoring

    Iranian Water and Power Development Co with cooperation of BABenviro will present a seminar on Water quality monitoring of Dam Reservoirs next week on Wednesday 1 May 2013. Dr. Detlev Lohse from BBE-Moldaenke will present different solutions of Chlorophyll measurement  and Monitoring Algae Bloom in Dam reservoirs.

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  • Babenviro

    Environment Monitoring Solutions

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