Online Monitoring of Chlorophyll classes in the Kashan city drinking water facilites

Kashan water and waterwater Company hired BAB to provide a compete solution for monitoring of the concentration of different chlorophyll in the city drinking water network. Drinking water of the city is been supplied by a pipe from Zaianderud and in some place they network has open channels. Kashan located in a warm and dry region.  The temperature in the summer reached to 50 degree, the evaporation rate in the area is 300 mm and the normal precipitation is around 135 mm. regarding to the climate and regional situation providing a sustainable and protecting the existing water resources needs special attention and efforts.

In order controlling the drinking water quality based on the NWW grid-lines and also WHO measuring the algae classes like green algae, blue-green algae, diatoms are necessary. In the beginning of the city drinking water supplying network one AOA ( Algae Online Analyzer) installed for measuring online the concentration of different classes of Chlorophylls. AOA is one of the world most leading edge technologies for high accurate monitoring of water quality with respect the biological aspects. AOA determinates different algae classes by excitation using colored LEDs; calculates the content of green algae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), brown algae (diatoms and dinoflagellates) and cryptophytes. Different communication possibilities also for industrial applications like  8 alarm outputs (potential-free contacts),up to 16 analog outputs (4-20mA),serial interface for data transfer,Ethernet – access to data from an external PC,USB connector for data transfer and optional ModBus connector made AOA as an excellent tool for getting real-time data and controlling the valves and pumps.