Measurement of chlorophyll-a and blue-green algae in the Tehran dams reservoirs

Tehran Regional Water Authority hired BAB in order to provide solution to measure chlorophyll- a and blue-green algae in dams lakes. BAB provided the client with an Algaetorch. This instrument has proven a great success because it has replaced an older method of laboratory testing (HPLC) and traditional photometer or microscopic studies which always needs sampling and spending high amount of resources for samples transferring and curing.

Algae Torch in this case, measures chlorophyll-a and cyanobacteria (blue-green Algae) at different levels of reservoirs. It uses spectrofluorometry principle which is a proven method for accurate and quick evaluation of chlorophyll in the water. The bbe AlgaeTorch uses in-vivo fluorescence of algae cells: the algae pigments are selectively excited by colored LEDs and emit red fluorescence light as a natural phenomenon at high sensitivity. The results are shown immediately on the display and stored in the internal memory. An encapsulated USB port enables subsequent data transfer to a PC.