IWPCO, Water quality monitoring Seymareh dam reservoir

The largest governmental dam developer in Iran, IWPCO commissioned BAB to develop a solution to monitor the water quality of Seymareh dam reservoir as well as to create a vertical water profile for the this dam. Since IWPCO operate many large dams, BAB proposed a CTD by SST. The advantage of this instrument is that it is a portable instrument which offers a great deal of versatility. The titanium non-corrosive housing gives the CTD a weight of only 3.5kg which makes it very easy to handle and carry from a location to another. The CTD includes four sensors: EC, DO, pH, pressure, and temperature. The probe is designed to undergo a depth of 1000m, though the maximum required depth in the dams is around 150m. It is also possible to add auxiliary sensors to this CTD in the future. For operation, the CTD can be run by an internal battery or DC-power supply. For storing measurements, data can be stored in standard memory card at user programmable intervals.